SoundSleep -- Mission Statement
We recognize the profound yet largely unrecognized impact that sleep disorders have on our health and wellness, performance, productivity, safety and healthcare costs. And so we are dedicated to raising the awareness of and providing solutions for sleep disorders in the general public, patients and healthcare professionals.

We develop innovative education and communication programs and provide products and services in order to:

  • Discover the importance of sleep to our health.
  • Better understand how our lifestyle choices affect our sleep.
  • Enable patients to better understand their sleep-related health issues and navigate a path to wellness with good decision-making.
  • Connect patients to the appropriate healthcare professionals in order to facilitate and expedite the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Sound sleep is far more than a good night's rest; it represents the benefits of health and a healthy lifestyle. After all, it's a third of your life; it must be important.

SoundSleep -- About Us
Michael J. Breus, PhD, ABSM, Co-Founder, Sound Sleep, LLC
Stuart J. Meyers, MD, Co-Founder, Sound Sleep, LLC

Fred Schwartz, MD, Music and Stress Reduction
Burt and Joe Wolff, Music Development

SoundSleep in the News
Crowne Plaza Guests To Get Better Sleep
Under guidance of national sleep expert, upscale hotel brand to introduce new sleep experience
Atlanta, Georgia – September 22, 2003
Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, part of InterContinental Hotels Group [Lon: IHG, NYSE: IHG (ADRs)], today announced that it will strengthen its claim as “The Place To Meet” by providing all guests, ncluding meeting attendees, with an optimal sleep experience.

The Crowne Plaza sleep experience, which will be developed under the guidance of Dr. Michael Breus Ph.D., diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and co-founder of Sound Sleep LLC, will be rolled out at all hotels in North America by Spring 2004. Go to full article.

Some Basic Tips to Ward Off Burnout, Bloat and Bleary Eyes
Quote from: The New York Times Travel Section, Published: October 7, 2003
"...Michael J. Breus, a clinical director of several sleep disorder centers in the Atlanta area, says business travelers typically undergo two insomnia-inducing experiences: the "first-night effect" of unfamiliar surroundings and the "on-call effect" from worrying that the alarm won't go off or that the wake-up call will be missed.

In the evenings, he advises, avoid lighted screens, which stimulate the brain, and concentrate on something besides business. "I wouldn't check my e-mail or watch television before I go to bed," Dr. Breus said.

Some hotels are providing special sleep services. The 104 Crowne Plaza hotels and resorts in North America will start a "sleep program" next spring that will include new bedding, a self-diagnostic sleep questionnaire at bedside, quiet zones within the hotel, ear plugs and eye masks and even an offer of a free night's stay if the front desk fails to make the wake-up call on time..."

How to Beat the Hotel Sleep Blues
Quote from: WTOP News, Updated: Friday, Oct. 17, 2003 - 7:22 AM
"...Have you ever had a hard time falling sleep? Probably. Is it worse when you're on the road for business or on vacation? You're not alone. "You go into this new environment and your dog isn't barking, your air conditioner isn't turning on, so you don't sleep real well," says Dr. Michael Breus, clinical director of "There's actually a technical name for not being able to fall asleep in a weird place. It's called the 'first night effect."" Go to full article.

Nodding Off On The Job
Quote from: WORKWISE® by Mildred L. Culp, Nov. 9, 2003
"…Falling asleep at work is no laughing matter, whatever you do, but you don't have to fall asleep on the job to be sleep-deprived. Atlanta-based Michael Breus, clinical psychologist and co- founder of, a consumer-based education site, defines sleep deprivation as "anything less than roughly 6.5 hours per night." Griffin adds that the inadequacy can take other forms, such as sleeping at incorrect times for your system or having the wrong kind of sleep. For example, if you "do without the deepest stage of sleep," she reports, "in which the brain's activity is the slowest," you are sleep-deprived. People who are chronically sleepy on the job or report that they catch up on their sleep on weekends may well have this condition, according to Bruce Corser, medical director of the Sleep Management Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio." Go to full article.


    (copies are available upon request)

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